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5 Things Crazy Smart Realtor Thinks You Should Know About Selling Your Condo

Posted by Harvey McCallum on July 19, 2017
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5 Things Crazy Smart Realtor Thinks You Should Know About Selling Your Condo

Is selling a condo different than selling a house?

Must Do Things To Sell Your Condo For Max Price
The Coquitlam Tri-City real estate market is hyper competitive, but don’t think that means your property will be an easy sale. All types of homes, from houses to four-plexes, have unique challenges and selling points. Selling your condo might look simple or easy, there are a few things you must do to get the results you want.

The Realtor Makes A Difference.

Harvey McCallum, a real estate agent with Team 3000 Realty, says, “I always advise sellers to hire a knowledgeable honest Realtor when selling a condo. Experience and market savvy are two things a real estate agent will bring to help you sell the biggest investment in your life. The right Realtor will have you telling happy stories about the time you sold your condo but the reverse is also true.”

He adds that to be competitive, you must have a plan how to win the battle against hundreds of Realtors and buyers who want you to lower your price for a hundred different reasons. The real estate agent should have a plan to market your condo far and wide to buyers out side your area. It helps to have at least 30 days of ‘PRE-MLS’ marketing to give buyers out side your area a chance to know your condo is for sale. What ever you do, don’t sell your condo in a week or less. Time is on your side in this seller’s market.

You Need To Be Competitive

Many condos are the same in layout and design. The challenge is to make your condo be memorable to buyers. Harvey says, “First of all your Realtor needs to have an effective marketing plan that works in the Tri-City area because of the competitive nature of the market. Your Realtor should be prepared to tell you what you need to do to make your condo show it’s best. Staging should be a consideration but is not always required. You not only want your condo to stand out but you want buyers to believe your condo is over run with buyers interested in buying it.”

Condo Owners can’t see their home through the buyer’s eyes so the Realtor must do it for them. So your Realtor must have the courage to tell you what you don’t want to hear. McCallum says.

Harvey uses a short list to declutter your condo, paint is cheap and anyone can do it, and consider hiring a stager for high-end condos otherwise he will make recommendations. McCallum also uses professional videos, photographers and marketing materials. He says to make your open house an event like an ‘Opening Night’ and don’t show your condo until your open house.  You want a busy vibe to encourage multiple offers.

If you think you know more than your Realtor, you don’t so keep that in mind.

Harvey McCallum
Team 3000 Realty