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7 BS Luxury Home Tips Crazy Smart Realtor Disputes

Posted by Harvey McCallum on July 20, 2017
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Selling luxury homes requires a plan with Finesse.

Tri-City Coquitlam luxury homes include the Street of Dreams in Westwood Plateau, Citadel Heights, and Coquitlam West Rochester area to name a few. Don’t be confused on the best process for marketing luxury houses, townhomes, and condos. You might think the right agent will make the difference, you would be wrong. The right marketing is the best strategy, Pre-MLS marketing is what it is required.

Harvey McCallum, a Realtor with Team 3000 Realty, says, “Selling luxury homes requires more than the usual ‘Hope Method’ of erecting a for sale sign, daily buyer appointments and a listing on MLS. The reverse is actually true, Pre-MLS marketing with no showing until a catered open house called ‘Opening Night’ will create more buyer interest.”

Luxury Homes Defined

“Luxury homes can be a home with a superior location,” says Harvey. “Quality built, one of a kind design and the appearance of the property are the top 3 categories after location. There are many luxury areas in the Greater Vancouver Real Estate market including Southlands, West Van water front, Kerrisdale, and Shaughnessy to name a few. Luxury can be found in high-rise condo buildings based on size, view, and location.” The location is the key variable to a luxury home. Homes in luxury neighborhoods sell for big numbers due to their rarity and demand.

Is There ‘The Right Realtor’

The real estate agent you pick needs to be able to market your home in such a way that the maximum number of people are informed it is for sale. Don’t judge a Realtor by how quickly he sold a property near you but by the surprisingly ridiculous price he pulls out of his marketing. There is no right agent only right marketing. Advice from many Realtors goes like this, “It’s really important to engage someone who knows the market. A Realtor who has skill and knowledge and comes with a proven track record.” My 25 years in the business says that is BS. Luxury homes need to generate multiple interested buyers. Create a mix of mystique, buzz and I want that before the home goes on MLS. Marketing wins over everything when selling real estate. Would you rather have a history buff or a marketing genius sell your home?”


McCallum, who is a full-time Realtor with over 25 years selling and financing real estate, offers some unique advice you won’t hear anywhere else. “Most homeowners want to sell their home for maximum bucks, and why not. To get maximum bucks don’t restrict your asking price, think outside the box. What if multiple buyers are willing to pay hundreds of thousands more than you think your home is worth. How would you know? There is only one way to know, get all the buyers in your home for ‘Opening Night’ after a minimum of 30 days Pre-MLS marketing. The offers you receive will surprise you.”

Selling real estate is marketing, marketing, marketing.

Harvey, says, “We think your marketing needs to be creative.” Social media and property websites are mandatory to allow buyers to read and view your homes professional videos, pictures and other documents on their own time from anywhere in the World. Our websites and social media are translatable into multiple languages. I am not going over the obvious cleaning, decluttering and staging.

What Does A Luxury Buyer Want

“A Luxury home buyer could be looking for a ready to go home, a fixer upper, even a tear down to build on the lot,” McCallum says. He believes homeowners should start by fixing, cleaning, and tidying up the property and home, do not start a renovation.
McCallum says, “In today’s Greater Vancouver seller’s market, it would be wrong to think your property should be sold as is. There is always something that needs doing. Your home is decorated for you to live in it not to get the best price when selling.”

Is There A Right Price

With Pre-MLS marketing we use an asking price to create a starting point and another price for ‘buy it now’. The asking price is based on previous neighborhood prices and current market conditions. The ‘buy it now’ price is much higher to stop the Pre-MLS marketing with a non-subject cash offer.

Harvey says, “in a Sellers Market there are no expert agents who know how high the sales price could be ahead of time, unless we get all the buyers in the same room to bid up the price”. “don’t make the mistake of thinking you are going to save money or your neighbors, friends, or relatives will give you the best price. Luxury home sales made by the owner almost always result in the owner under selling the property, he says.

Are you looking for a real estate agent that offers the above in Greater Vancouver to Coquitlam? You might want to start with Harvey McCallum from Team 3000 Realty, call direct 604-722-0002 to see if he is a good match for your property.

Harvey McCallum
Team 3000 Realty