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‘Eight Strategy Program’ for selling your home.


YES, is the obvious answer.  Would you like to know how our ‘Eight Step Strategy’ called ‘Coming Soon Listing Program’  will make that happen for you and your family?

We speak at seminars and to groups large and small about residential real estate topics including our ‘Eight Step Strategy’ for selling your home.  At one of our talks about four years ago we met and stayed in touch with Bob who attended one of our talks.  

In the last four years, our Team has emailed Bob with the latest information about real estate for the area he lives in and the area he wants to move to.  We offer this as a free service with no obligation that you can cancel at any time.  Our seminars and group talks are designed to help homeowners know what they don’t know.  By doing this we hope Now it is not uncommon for my past seminar graduates to call with questions, but this time it was different.

Our seminars and group talks are designed to help homeowners know what they don’t know.  By doing this we hope to create future customers who have a new understanding of what we offer as a Realtor Team.  Bob was one such attendee who became a happy future customer.  Over the years Bob called us with questions looking for information.

Bob was armed with the information from our Team when he decided it was time for him to sell.   Selling your home is a personal decision that we can help with but the final decision will be yours.  In this respect, Bob was an eager student who wanted to know what he didn’t know about real estate.

Bob felt his home was his retirement money.  Probably that is why Bob didn’t wing it on his own.  Instead, he used our Coming Soon Listing Program to PRE-MLS market his home with us six months before the official MLS listing date.

The most important takeaway is to be open minded to understand you might not know what you think you know about how to sell a home in today’s real estate market.  Bob did the work to follow our guidelines in our Eight Step Strategy.  Imagine walking into a home for sale and NOT seeing boxes packed and stacked one on top of the other in the garage and basement.  Imagine the homeowner taking it one step further and painting the concrete floor in the garage and basement.  Would that make this home memorable to you?  I think so. 

For your copy of our ‘Eight Step Strategy’ to sell your home for the maximum price with no stress is simply a click of your mouse away.  If you used any of our strategies you will benefit.

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