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Flexible Commissions

Harvey McCallum & Associates at Team 3000 Realty sell over 45% of their own listings…which amounts to thousands of dollars saved…passed on to you!!

Most brokers will charge you the same fee no matter how a buyer is found for your home. But with us, you’ll have complete flexibility!…whether we find the buyer or you find a buyer yourself!

***VERY IMPORTANT@! Our fees vary depending on the price of the home* the fees below our based on a percentage of the NET Sale price, not the Gross Sale price. If the price of your home is increased by the Buyer for a Sellers Assist, we do not charge commission on the higher amount. A number of the large franchises do charge commission on the higher Sales Price as a standard practice.

Here is the Flexible Fee Schedule.

6% if another agent represents the buyer. A fee is paid to both the Listing Broker, that’s us, for our services and a fee is paid to the Buyer’s broker. This is flexible if your home is priced over $400K…call the office for more details to see if your home qualifies for a 4% to 5.5% fee structure depending on the sale price of your home.

5% if we find the buyer through our marketing efforts and write the contract. If there’s no buyer agent involved, the fee for our services is only 5%. This could be even lower depending upon your sale price.

4% if you find the buyer and we write the contract. If there’s no buyer agent involved, our fee is only 4% & flexible depending on the sale price of your home.*

So you see…with us it’s simply with a no-hassle guarantee!

* These percentages are for homes $250K or higher. If your home is priced under $250K. please call the office. Depending on the marketing needed for the house, your fee may be higher.

Our Fees consist of a commission and a Marketing Fee. All our fees are negotiable. The Seller has the option to choose which marketing package they would like. The Marketing Fee far outweighs the difference in the final sale price.