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Free Home Photo Shoot

Having professional photos of your home, taken when your home looks its best makes a huge difference when it comes to setting you apart from the competition when you list your home. When your home looks its best on the outside, you need to take pictures. For example, you may have a tree that only blooms in the Spring—take a picture of it. If you are driving home and your home is gleaming, take a picture. Also, take pictures during different seasons.

Ultimately, you should hire your realtor months to years in advance to do this for you. Your realtor should have a professional camera, with a wide angle lens and take beautiful professional pictures of your home. Also, your realtor should subscribe to a Video Tour company and take fabulous video of your home. Then your home can be placed on the Coming Soon listings on our Coquitlam Real Estate website with a short blurb about your home and fabulous pictures of the outside of your property.

Home Photo Shoot Video



Home Photo Shoot Advice

Welcome to our video series where we give sellers hot tips on how to sell their home and maximize their dollars.

This next tip is really hot, it’s a pearl. This is the importance of taking great pictures of your home on the outside before you put your home on the market when your house looks the best – very interesting concept.

The most important thing we’ll talk about right now is planning ahead, so here are exterior staging guidelines.

Make repairs for your section porch or your outside concrete repairs, trees that need to be cut down, things like that and plan ahead.

Take exterior pictures when your home looks best. If your home looks good, really really good, right now, then get that camera out there.

What we offer is a free photo shoot video of your home on a disc. We give you a video and add a photo shoot of your home on a disc. You tell us what day your house looks best, when the lawn landscapers have come over and everything’s looking great and we’ll come over to take the pictures and shoot you out a video so you’ll have it for when you’re ready to go on
the market.

You’ll get your video of the exterior and make sure your realtor has a flip camera they can
flip right out of their boxes and just videotape the house and upload it to their social media, set it right up to their facebook page so people can make comments about it. It’s important to make sure your realtor is really tied into social media and get your home on it.

Another secret is to get your home on a coming soon page. We have what’s called a
Coming Soon Listing page on our website where people can go to see what’s coming on the market in future.

For example, if your home is coming on the market in the fall, there will be people who are looking now – they might need a house in order to sell because most of your homes are move up buyer homes, you’re not a first time buyer and so these buyers have to sell a house in order to buy a house. So they’re looking for homes now for when they will actually need to move into once they sell their house. They’re looking to secure housing for their family before they sell their house and want to know what’s coming soon.

The only person out there that puts people’s listings on in advance and it’s a  free service as well, is called coming soon listing and you put it out there to try to get people to to get interested in your house before it even goes on the market.

That’s very important, you need to know what’s going on when it’s going to happen then and not look behind your box like, “Okay, I put the sign online, put the multiple listing and people should come over now.”  You want people to look at your house way before that.

I want to show you how to do that so you’ll be prepared when selling your home. So come to one of our home seller seminars and we’ll teach you how to sell your home for up to eighteen percent more than the average.

Also, please don’t keep us a secret, tell everyone you know about our seminars and give them this free gift of the home selling seminar. Go to our site at for more information and to sign up for our next home selling seminar.