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Pre-Market Your Home To Create A Bidding War

Will pre-marketing your home create a bidding war? Will it create a buyer frenzy of fast over market sales?
Our Coming Soon Listing program uses pre-marketing to create lightning fast sales over market value. We borrowed the tactics of successful marketers like Apple iPhone, and movie theaters coming soon movies. Pre-marketing is why people stand in line over night to buy an iPhone.

The evidence is in, creating buzz with pre-marketing significantly enhances your sales price with a faster sale. People who know real estate like Harvard Business Review, Huffington Post and Inman Real Estate News believe pre-marketing is a necessity.

Traditional realtors 25-year-old tactic is, throwing your home on the market and crossing their fingers it sells. They won’t pre-market, and don’t create excitement. The business world would not do this. And, your Realtor shouldn’t either.

Coming Soon Listing program arouses buyers excitement, and pent-up-demand before buyers step foot inside your home. Does this mean a higher price for your home, probably. We like to have homeowners call us about 20 to 180 days before they want to sell. Give your home a running start against the competition. And give us time to create serious buyer interest.

Interested buyers and realtors first opportunity to view your home is a pre-set date called Opening Night. Imagine buyers driving up to Opening Night and seeing massive parked cars around your home glowing with light in the night while buyers bump shoulders inside. This is visible proof that pre-marketing works in any market.

Opening Night will inspire serious buyers to rethink their offer higher. This is an emotional time for buyers and some will feel deep fear of loss and urgency to act quickly to avoid losing your home.

Think of what buyers have been going through. Family discussions, and driving by your home imagining their family lived there and then, “BAM”. Opening Night they are face to face with other families who want your home. We think offers will be higher non-subject. What do you think?

Offers are presented the evening after Opening Night. Some buyers might want to see your home the next day.

Act now, call, text or email Harvey for a short appointment. Call or text 604-722-0002 or email As far as I am aware no other realtor is offering pre-marketing.