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So what is a room by room review? You, like many people who come to our seminars want to know what are the benefits of a room by room review. Why should I have one if I’m not going on the market for three to five years?

Well, let me explain how important it is to know what you don’t know about selling a home and staging your home by having this free room by room review.

A room-by-room review is a free 30 minute appointment, when we send out one of our listing specialists to evaluate the current saleability of your home and give you tips on how to prepare your home to go on the market, such as paint color, staging, what to do with the clutter, etc.

It’s like having a real estate doctor making a house call for your home – giving your home ways on how to improve its value. Some homeseller seminar graduates are not aware of how important it is to take advantage of this free opportunity, months to years in advance of selling their home.

They think ‘Oh, my home is not ready for this.’ Well, your home does not have to be ready to take advantage of these room by room reviews. As a matter of fact, one hundred percent of the seminar graduates realized how important it was to take advantage of this free service within 30 to 60 days of the seminar. They say it helped them put together a plan of action and gives them hope and a good place to start.

So don’t worry if your home is cluttered. We can look past the stuff and give you concrete direction on what you need to concentrate on first, second and so on. So give your home a chance to get top dollar and shine for the buyers when it’s show time and schedule your home for its free room by room review now. It is a free service given to all of our homeseller seminar graduates.

These seminars have helped home sellers sell their homes for top dollar in 26 days or less while having a stress-free experience and they all attribute their success to having a room-by-room review on their home months to years in advance.

As such, it really doesn’t matter what your home looks like right now to have this room by room review. So who do you know right now who may want to hear about what you just heard at the homeseller seminar. Please let us know and we’ll send them an invitation in the mail for our next seminar. Before you leave, please sign up for your free 30-minute room by room review to help you sell your home in 26 days or less, stress free, for top dollar.

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