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How To Sell Your Coquitlam Home – By Bidding War

Why does aggressive pre-marketing of homes create a buyer frenzy of anticipation to sell your home over market value.

Our Coming Soon Listing program uses pre-marketing to create lightening fast sales with over market prices. We borrow the tactics of the most successful marketers in the World like Apple iPhone, and movie theaters coming soon movies. Pre-marketing is why people stand in line for hours to purchase the newest iPhone.

The evidence is in that creating buzz with pre-marketing significantly enhances your sales price with a faster sale. People who know real estate like Harvard Business Review, Huffington Post and Inman Real Estate News all believe pre-marketing is a necessity.

Traditional realtors use a 25-year-old tactic to basically throw your home on the market and see what happens. Traditional realtors don’t pre-market or create excitement or buzz. No successful product retailer would do this. And, your Realtor shouldn’t either.

Coming Soon Listing program arouses buyers excitement, builds enthusiasm, and pent-up-demand even before buyers step foot inside your home. Will this mean a higher price for your home, probably?
When a homeowners call us in 20 to 90 days before they want to sell, our marketing has time to create serious buyer interest without a single buyer walking through your front door.
Our intention is to give all the buyers an opportunity to buy your home at the same time and place. All the buyers and realtors are invited to Opening Night where buyers see all the cars parked outside and bump shoulders inside with other buyers, creating visible proof of desirability.

We know Opening Night will inspire all the serious buyers to rethink their offer higher. This is an emotional time for buyers and some will feel deep fear of loss and urgency to act quickly to avoid losing your home.

Think of what the buyer has been going through for the last few weeks. They watch videos of your home, probably drive by often seeing their family living there and than “BAM” reality hits them at Opening Night when they see many buyers who are thinking the same thing.

We present all offers within 24 hours of Opening Night in case buyers want to see your home during the day time.

Opening Night is made possible by pre-marketing your home for a few weeks otherwise, it is not possible. Pre-marketing is a risk-free market test of your home’s price. If buyers react positively your home sells fast. If not we adjust the price without any consequences.
There are many benefits

It allows homes to be marketed without increasing the disheartening “days on market” score. The MLS discloses a home’s days on the market to buyers (one of my biggest peeves). When a home has racked up days on the market, buyers perceive that it must be overpriced, or is flawed.
If you are selling your home or are preparing to sell in the future, pre-marketing is a critical key to selling at the highest possible price. Be sure your agent is equipped to leverage this big opportunity.