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Seller Seminars


We hold Home Seller Seminars to help you learn how to keep up to 10% of your home’s equity in your pocket instead of losing it through the Traditional Realtors’ methods.


Differentiate your HOME from the COMPETITION

Find out what it takes to make your house stand out from the competition. You will learn how to drive up demand for your home and attract a higher offer.

Find what your HOME is WORTH and set the PRICE

Learn why the typical CMA should not be used to determine the price of your home and how to set your price.

Use High-Tech MARKETING to create DEMAND

Find out how to target your home to the largest number of qualified buyers – including buyers working with other agents – and get your home sold faster than ever.

Hire a Certified Home Selling Advisor™

Realtors are not equal. A Certified Home Selling Advisor™ will teach you the secret to help you keep the most amount of equity when selling your home.

Your Home Sold Guaranteed!






Thinking of selling your home because it’s either too big, too expensive or too difficult to maintain with climbing property taxes? Or is your home too small and you need a larger home for your family?

Come learn how to keep up to 10% more equity in your pocket where it belongs. Harvey will show you his secret strategies and how you sell your home 4 TIMES Faster than using the methods of a Traditional-Realtor. 

Also, learn about the following and how you can get your  “26 Day Home Sold GUARANTEE”:

  • Eliminate All Unnecessary Expenses! Avoid unnecessary costs when preparing your home for sale and defend yourself against unwarranted inspection repair demands from Buyers.
  • Avoid Lifestyle Disruptions! Sell your home quickly for top dollar and keep showing hassles to a minimum.
  • Reduce Stress! Learn how easy selling your home can be with the right tools, real estate agent and preparation.
  • Have peace of mind! Know that you hired an EXPERT real estate team to market and sell your home.

This seminar specifically caters to home sellers who understand they need to start preparing from 1 month to 2 years in advance in order to get top dollar when selling their home.

Thousands of people have attended our seminars. Whether you need tips on Staging, Pricing, Marketing, Negotiating or Overseeing Transactional Details, you will leave our seminar much more savvy than when you walked in!

Today’s real estate market requires home sellers to employ countless marketing strategies to help protect their asset.  Learn why it is so important that your real estate consultant spends $$$$$, has an extensive marketing background and has creative marketing systems already in place.

All attendees will receive a 40 page Home Seller Handbook, a Seminar Graduate Certificate and a tee shirt that says “You Have Survived The Home Selling Seminar”. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions pertaining to your specific needs.

Also, all attendees will get a Home Selling Seminar Diploma upon completion of the Seminar. A new secret tip will be mailed to every graduate on a monthly basis to continuously educate you through the home selling process!

We are looking forward to sharing everything that we know about the home selling process in this New World of Real Estate.

Did you know that 58.4% of homes that go on the market fail to sell?

Learn how not to be one of those homes.