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Will hope marketing sell your Coquitlam home?

Is your Realtor using 75-year-old “hope marketing” to sell your property?

Traditional Realtor’s are using the same 75-year-old process to sell your home. Their selling process hasn’t changed, put up a sign, put it on MLS, hold an open house, write an ad, and hope it sells. This process can cost the homeowner up to 10% of his selling price.

Our “Coming Soon Listing” program builds excitement, buzz, and demand for your home. We pre-market your home, front load our marketing to maximize your sale price to sell within 29 days. When buyers see a home has been sitting unsold for 30 days or more, they believe it is overpriced or has something wrong with it.

Coming Soon Listing program is designed to motivate and generate an avalanche of eager home buyers ready to buy your home the first day it goes on the market. We expect multiple non-subject, cash offers over asking price. Buyers are motivated by the fear of missing out on your home and are willing to stretch their budget to have the winning offer.

We developed a pre-marketing drip of information to find multiple buyers willing to write competing offers on your home within 29 days. Our efforts are invested in pre-marketing your home to create a list of motivated buyers who are interested, curious and excited to buy your home. We compose a short story about the homeowner and his home and drip it to registered buyers every few days to keep their interest fresh. We give buyers everything about your home like proof of value and condition, photographs, video, open house date, and map. To attract non-subject offers we need to answer all the buyer’s fears and questions upfront before the open house.

We want you to look forward to a lineup of obsessed buyers at your front door the first day on MLS. Many of the buyers are motivated by fear of loss that motivates them to act fast and pay a higher price.

Buyer’s see the social proof that your home is desirable at the open house we call “Opening Night”. A bidding war ensues with multiple offers for a happy homeowner.